We are a fee for service practice.

Our fees are designed to reflect the level of service that we provide to our clients on a case by case basis.



Strategic advice and wealth management fee

Fees are charged to you based on the advice that you choose to take. We are a fee for service firm.

We accept no upfront commissions (excluding insurance products).


Fee Transparency

We provide absolute fee transparency.  Our fee may be a flat annual fee, hourly rate or based on a percentage of the funds under our advice.


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Free Consultations

The price for advice is free. We charge only for those services that we provide to you directly.



Competitive Advice Cost

The cost of implementing our strategies is competitive by industry standards.



Reduce Your Current Costs

Where we can, our aim is to reduce your total costs of investment substantially from what you might currently be paying.

Contact Life Balance today for an obligation free consultation


We want to add value and save money in fees for our clients. For those reading this that may not have a financial adviser, we offer free initial consultations and would love to discuss how we can reduce your current fees and costs to get your money working for you.


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