The LifeStart package is our “beginner” service offering for all budgets.  There are no fees payable for your first financial planning consultation so you can get a feel for the service you will receive before you commit.


What can Life Balance do to help you?

Life Balance can help you to build wealth for the future, to protect the wealth you have by avoiding unnecessary costs and will give you provide you with the skills and tools to start taking control of your finances.


Value for money: What can you expect to receive?

The LifeStart package is designed so that you get a lot of “bang for your buck”. Once we establish who you are and what you want to achieve you can expect to receive the following;


A plan to start saving.

91WZ32J28KThere are a range of really easy ways to kick start your savings without having to change your lifestyle. We provide you advice and structure that will help you to begin saving and building for your future.


A plan to reduce your costs.

Every dollar saved today means more flexibility and choice in your future. In most cases we find that we can provide clients with the knowledge and access to products that may do the same thing for them but at a lesser cost. In this way we find that we can more than justify the cost of advice by leaving you much better off over time.

A plan to invest for your future.

Whether you are thinking about making your first investment or are looking to build on your current investments Life Balance can give you the tools to begin building a portfolio of investments. We show you the most cost effective, simple and stress-free ways to get things started. We encourage our clients to establish and control their own investments, although we can assist you to get things set up.


A plan for your worst case scenario.

We provide you with guidance to establish a basic Will and Power of Attorney for yourself. This is important so that even if the unthinkable happens, you are able to maintain control and dignity over your affairs. This isn’t just planning for old people, but planning that all people should do to save a lot of heart break  and angst for your family and friends.

If you have a family or spouse and require more advanced worst case scenario or risk management planning, we can provide you with advice that will ensure that you have a plan in place that protects you and your family regardless of what life throws at you.

A person to talk to

Establishing a relationship with a financial adviser is more than just a financial transaction for a service. It is a relationship which provides you with a confidential sound- board voice that allows you to work through both your business and personal goals or to think of ways to work through challenges that you may be facing.


The financial planning basics

All financial advice in Australia is required to cover off on the following four area’s in order to best assess your needs;

  • Superannuation
  • Personal insurance
  • Investment
  • Estate Planning

If you don’t think that you will need us to provide you with a specific area of advice, that’s O.K. too! Just let us know and we’ll be happy to keep the scope of your advice to areas that you believe are most relevant for you.

What is financial planning?

Financial Planning is the process of determining how to best meet one’s life goals through the proper management of finances/resources including the socio-economic, legal and tax environments. The financial planning process leads to the adoption of strategies and use of financial tools that are expected to aid achieving a person or client’s financial goals.